The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW (2021)

The Embroiderers’ Guild is a non-for-profit organisation that is considered to be the ‘centre of excellence for embroidery and Textile Arts’ in NSW. It is a place for individuals to be creative and master new skills at any age. Back to Basics spent the last 3 months working towards the goals of Embroiderers’ Guild: creating awareness, increasing engagement and accessibility, and engaging embroiderers of all ages, old and new.

These goals formed the direction of the project where we designed the online store, social media posts, and direct marketing material such as a catalogue. ‘Stitched together’ ties closer to embroidery, as we discovered in our prototyping session, and the addition of lighter warm colours help create a comforting visual environment for new embroiderers. ‘Stitched’ together also metaphorically brings the community closer together.

This project was done in collaboration with Cecilia Wang, Julia Agosti and Tayla Millar. 

+ Branding
+ Packaging
+ Typography
+ Web Design

Sydney, Australia.